Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti



ENZYMES: call them ingredients

The enzymes were introduced for the first time in Italy by BIOTEC, for the clarification of apple juices and later transferred to the oenological sector. The exogenous enzymes (micro-organisms) strengthen and integrate endogenous ones, already present in grapes, but not sufficient to accelerate the biochemical processes necessary to give structure and compositional characteristics to white and red wines.

Our enzymatic strains are mainly derived from Aspergillus Niger with primary pectolytic activity (pectin hydrolysis), not neglecting the use of secondary activities present in pectolytic preparations, such as for example macerase, hemicellulase and cellulase which allow a greater extraction of grape polysaccharides with satisfactory effects on wine quality.

But in oenological practice, BIOTEC also recommends testing our other enzymatic types, such as glucanase, lysozyme and urease, useful for the product's filterability (glucans), for their stability and sensory characteristics (lysozyme) and for aging (urease).