Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Mix TP


Oenological tannin and vegetable polysaccharides blend.

1. Composition

Ellagic Tannins, Gallic and proanthocyanidin blended with Verek Arabic gum, granulated.

2. General features

MIX TPDifferent products blend, none of them extracted with solvents, just water used as solvent.

3. Application

MIX TPallows to achieve important results in terms of product solubility and therefore a faster adaptation to the wine to which it is added.

We reccomand to add it on wine aging, it is possible to obtain wines with woody smell notes and a better balance in the structure, as well as to release the aromatic components typical of the starting wine. In micro oxygenation it provides more stability to the color.

4. Dosage and Instructions for use Red Wine:   3 – 10 g/hl

Micro oxygenation:      4 – 8 g/hl

Bottling:                   3 g/hL

Dissolve one part MIX TP into 10 parts water or wine, stirring continuously. Add the resulting solution to the wine or must during pumping over, using a Venturi tube or proportioning pump.

It is the customer's Liability to ensure that the use of tannin and the applied dosages comply with laws and regulations governing use in the finished product for which it is used.

Of course, the integrity of the product is guaranteed only if it is stored as indicated in this technical data sheet.

5. Regulatory information and law compliance

Product for enological use as described Codex Oenologique International (OIV)

MIX TPis GMO free and allergen free.

6. Packaging and storage conditions1 kg (2,204 lb) plastic jar/sachet.

This product maintains its quality standards for a period of three years, provided it is kept at room temperature in a sealed package.

Storage in a refrigerated environment further extends the life of the product.

Prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding 35°C (95°F), and/or to humidity and oxygen reduces its efficacy.

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