Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Tan Tara


Oenological Tannin


Gallic tannin in powder form, extracted from blend of Caesalpinia spinosa (Tara) pods, a legume plant from South America, with galls from Quecus infectoria from Turkey and Rhus semilata from China.


100% soluble in cold water and no rehydrating before.

TAN TARA is tannin formed by Gallic or Digallic acid esters with Quinic acid and Glucose. The average molecular weight is between 1600 and 1850.



The raw material is extracted using a particular mixture of non-toxic solvents. After recovery of the solvent, the intermediate is subjected to many purification steps, so as to isolate only the purest polyphenols fractions. The liquid is atomised and whole process is subject to strict hygiene, safety and environmental protection controls.

Each raw batch, intermediate and final product is fully analyzed using analytical methods developed according to ISO 9000 standards.


TAN TARA is suitable for adding body and helping those white wines which do not contain a sufficient quantity of tannin. It selectively reacts with proteins and reduces the activity of laccase and tryosinase on anthocyans and polyphenols, lowering the risk of oxidation. TAN TARA also acts as an aid during clarification or as a taste corrector especially when in the presence of Botrytis affected grapes.


- white wine fining: 1-10 g/hL (10 – 100 ppm – 1,34 – 13.35 oz/1,000 gal)

- other applications 1-15 g/hL (10 – 150 ppm – 1,34 – 20.03 oz/1,000 gal)

Dissolve one part TAN TARA into 10 parts water or wine, stirring continuously. Add the resulting solution to the wine or must during pumping over, using a Venturi tube or proportioning pump.

It is the customer's Liability to ensure that the use of tannin and the applied dosages comply with laws and regulations governing use in the finished product for which it is used.

Of course, the integrity of the product is guaranteed only if it is stored as indicated in this technical data sheet.

5. Regulatory information and law compliance

Product for enological use as described Codex Oenologique International (OIV)

TAN TARA is GMO free and allergen free.

6. Packaging and storage conditions

12.5 kg (27.56 lb) and 25 kg (55,12 lb) bags.

This product maintains its quality standards for a period of three years, provided it is kept at room temperature in a sealed package.

Storage in a refrigerated environment further extends the life of the product.

Prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding 35°C (95°F), and/or to humidity and oxygen reduces its efficacy.



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