Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

BIOTEC Executive Staff

A passionate working group...

Today BIOTEC counts on the contribution of various professional figures among employees, collaborators, agents, university professors, experts in communication and events, administrative and legal professionals, agronomists and experts in alternative energies, environmental and life sciences as well as various sector consultants.
Many of them have been in BIOTEC for about twenty years and it is precisely to the staff that the company sends a heartfelt thanks for the work it does with commitment and dedication every day of the year.
It is no coincidence that BIOTEC is the only Italian group with the lowest number of absenteeism from work by employees.


Maria Di Prato

Fondatrice e amministratore unico dell'azienda



Marina Visintin




Pina Bellizzi Oliveto

commerciale (area capsule in PVC)



Giuseppe Rizzo




Susanna Mortera

Commerciale (area biotecnologie)



Giorgio Ciamprone




Tommaso Pulia

Attività on-line



Luana Pugliese