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Useful information to know capsules

Useful information to know about the product

RAW MATERIAL: Rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) film suitable for the production of closing systems for bottles of wine, oil, liqueurs and other products that require hermetic closures. The PVC waste is classified as "non-hazardous goods" and can be recovered for other uses.

COLORS: We are able to produce capsules of different colors and in relation to customer requests. Colors and additives in compliance with current legislation.

PRINT: The capsule, in addition to the body color, can be adorned with personalized prints. Here is what BIOTEC, provides to meet the various needs. We are also able to fulfill requests in relief, as well as the stresses to get prints with more colors.

LEGAL OBLIGATIONS: It is compulsory for customers with VAT, to provide the regulatory mark of their company. BIOTEC will indicate this numbering on the capsule's top disk. For the supply of capsules, intended for the amateurs and hobbyists market, the tax number is not required.



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