Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Innovators Respecting traditions

BIOTEC was born in the '90s, from an idea of Maria di Prato, in collaboration with expert biotechnologists. In that period especially, oenology used chemical additives, while biotech adjuvants  were perceived with distrust from the market. Betting on these ingredients was a real gamble for us, but we made it!

Innovazione nelle biotecnologie

In fact, soon afterwards new BIOTEC products were created,  spreading to  the entire food and beverage market, thanks also to the technical assistance of experts in the sector and to the collaboration of different institute and universities. Our formulates are also a source of aid for agricultural by-products, for the environment and for alternative energy. Moreover, the group has recently acquired an important PVC capsule production company for use in  wines, oils, liqueurs and mineral waters.

Biotecnologie per l'agroalimentare