Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Olive Oil Industry

Olive Oil Industry

The biotechnological ingredients in support of the oil industry

BIOLIVA: Enzyme adjuvant indicated for the extraction of virgin olive oils. BIOLIVA prevents rancidity, increases yields and the quality of the oil, as well as making the plants more efficient, significantly reducing the time of kneading, with relative savings in electricity. EXCLUSIVE FOR EXTRA UE COUNTRIES

LAV SUPER: Biotechnological formula for washing separator discs and for washing oil mills

DEP UNO: Biotechnological formula indicated in the waters of vegetation in the mills. This formulation allows the elimination of bad smells, due to the stationing of the water in the tank, the decrease in melmosity and also facilitates the transport of the same..

SANSA’: New biotechnological formulation used for the enzymatic stabilization of pomace as it deactivates the endogenous fruit enzymes responsible for the oxidative degradation of the product, and also facilitates the drying process.


enzimi industria olearia


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  Enzyme preparation for olive oil extraction Product description BIOLIVA is a blend of pectinase, hemicellulase and cellulose from various non-genetically modified microorganisms Function Olive…
LAV SUPER is a natural product of fungal origin. The LAV SUPER product complies with the use for food purposes. The activity contained in SUPER…
Biotechnological formulation for the purification of vegetation watersDESCRIPTIONThe vegetation waters, in the oil industry, represent the most important by-product from the oil extraction process and…