Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti



A range of products for the milk and dairy products sector

FORLAT is a range of BIOTEC products to be used in the production of milk and dairy products and animal feeds.
For applications involving milk and whey, we have created FREE LACT and BILAT2, meanwhile for feed we recommend the use of BILAT3. They are purified and isolated lactase preparations, deriving from a special strain of the lactic yeast Saccharomyces marxianus (Kluyveromyces), variety lactis.




FREE LACT, are ideal for lactose intolerances. Thanks to the action of the product on milk, it is possible to reach a level of presence of lactose not higher than 0.001, or an extraordinary minimum dose, compared to similar products.


BILAT2 is a concentrated mixture of whey syrup, composed of denatured proteins and sugars, so as to replace with a percentage of 30%, both egg white and sucrose. With the partial hydrolysis of lactose, the sweetness of the final product is increased and the sugars become more soluble.


BIOTEC has introduced in the BILAT3 market, a hydrolyzed serum for animal feed use. In animal nutrition, hydrolyzed lactose is digested better than any other normal milk. BILAT3 is also ideal for the preparation of grass silage.