Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Confectionery industry

Confectionery industry

Confectionery area ... apply a sweet innovation to your products.

BIOTEC has been supplying the confectionery sector for over 25 years, through a wide range of biotechnological and nutraceutical products. In particular we provide antioxidants, vitamins, enzymatic complexes, aromas and natural extracts and pectin. The experience gained over the years, allows us to suggest our customers the best application for their productions. We are present in the chocolate and wafer industry, jams and candies, ice cream, liqueurs and also to all those areas where the application of our products becomes decisive. Furthermore, BIOTEC is among the few Italian companies to have a BIO certified line.


Industria Dolciaria

Activated bacterial protease for production of high quality wafersCharacteristicsStandardized bacterial protease with selected side activities for rapid liquefaction and viscosity reduction of batter, homogeneous distribution…