Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Beer and Malt

Beer and Malt


Many historians, believed that the production of beer is antecedent to the wine. In the '70s, it was developed in the U.S.A, the concept of "BIRRA ARTIGIANALE" or "BIRRA CRUDA", or beers with very intense organoleptic characteristics with the objective of quality and the search for particular aromas. These beers are made for professionals and quality beer lovers.

Produzione birra enzimi e coadiuvanti


Beer & Malt Division: Enzymes

FILTRA BR-XL Thermostable beta-glucanase enzyme formulation with secondary thermostable hemicellulose activity. FILTRA BR-XL increases the filterability of the hooped wort, the colloidal stability and the filterability of the finished beer.
MALTE’ 'Non-thermostable liquid bacterial enzyme of alpha-amylase selected from a strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Thanks to MALTE ', you can get the liquefaction of starch grains and modified starches of maltodextrins.
FILTRA LUXE Enzyme adjuvant with beta-glucanase and protease activity. FILTRA LUXE is suitable for all types of malt. Its use, allows the hydrolysis of beta-glucans, with the relative reduction of viscosity.
FILTRA PRE Enzymatic adjuvant with glucanasic and hemicellulase activity. It reduces viscosity and increases the yield and the filterability of must, even in cases where the qualities of malts are not the first choice.
TOLLERANCE Enzyme blend that produce beers with almost zero gluten. Thanks to this mix we managed to degrade gluten below of 20ppm, a limit that is allowed by the law.


Beer & Malt Division: Yeasts

AROMATI C is a selected yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae for the production of light beers. Inoculated according to the dosages recommended by us, it allows a quick fermentation and releases fresh and complex aromas.
AROMATIC S is a yeast selected from the saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, ideal for the production of dark beers. 100% Italian product, allows the production of high fermentation beers.
LIE 'BEER is a yeast produced from cream saccharomyces cerevisiae strain. Its use is very delicate due to its very short shelf life (2 weeks) which forces the producer to quickly consume the product.
ACTIVATE BEER is a fermentation activator that must be inoculated together with the yeast. Its use contributes to processed beers, fresh and floral aromas.


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