Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Working to give better food to everyone...

Healthy eating and drinking, for us at BIOTEC, is the priority! Yes, because the food we eat determines our life, our health and our inner well-being.
For this reason BIOTEC chose nature and the products generated by them,  to satisfy the needs of our clients using quality production processes.
For mission, we do not supply chemical products!

Our  mission is to avoid providing chemical products.

We are the main advocates of natural processing aids as applied to the agro-food industry.

All this because we never lose sight of the concept that innovation makes sense if we respect tradition, so dear to our grandparents!

Therefore when we offer the customer a product, we think not only of the consumer’s health, but also to create a better society.

This line of thought has accompanied us for 30 years and with sacrifice and commitment we want this last a lifetime.