Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Yeasts and nutrients for oenology

BIOTEC Oenology, for 25 years, has been investing in the selection of yeasts and nutrients specific to the wine sector. Starting from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain, BIOTEC has introduced onto the market yeasts having the essential characteristic of accompanying and enhancing, during the vinification process, the typical notes of the grape of origin, without upsetting its perfumes and aromas.

These are the so-called neutral yeasts from BIOTEC particularly appreciated because of their ability to characterize the differences of the various grape varieties. But being a deep connoisseur of the market, BIOTEC oenology, analyzed "the consumer’s palate", and after several experiments and a panel among the users, introduced aromatic yeasts onto the market, that is yeasts where the aromas are particularly strong, fruity or floral, to satisfy those consumers who are ever more passionate about wine-drinking.

From neutrals, aromatics, to large masses, that are specific yeasts for sparkling wines and spumante to aging and grand cru wine. Many of these yeasts, combined with the nutritious ACTIVE SPECIAL, among the best-selling in Italy, create the ideal combination for the musts of high quality wines. With a content equal to 60% of yeast rinds, ACTIVE SPECIAL, is highly appreciated among winemakers and cellar operators.

A range of quality and not quantity products

BIOTEC Oenology has put only the essential into its catalogue, namely those products of natural and non-chemical origin, which are exhaustive to produce vinification excellence. The technological staff that uses BIOTEC Oenology is committed daily to carry out experimental activities, in order to improve the quality of wine and improve the offer of innovative products without ever losing sight of the tradition.