Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Wine-making Kit HACCP Certified

BIOTEC Oenology has developed and produced a wine-making kit for those small producers and hobbyists who produce 7 quintals of grapes per year. Enclosed in a box with original and elegant graphics, are contained 3 biotechnological adjutants, necessary for the fermentation of white and red wines, as well as a vinification protocol, formulated by BIOTEC technological staff, making it easier for producers to use.
The products contained are of the highest quality: 100 g of high-range yeast, 100 g of nutrients and 20 g of pectic enzymes of Aspergillus niger. Technical sheets and certificates of analysis will be provided when   purchasing the product. The kit is distributed in cartons of 50 pieces each, directly to the retailers of oenological products. If lesser quantities are required, they can are available on BIOTEC’s Ebay page,  where PVC shrink capsules in mini packs of 100 pieces are also available.

Products contained in the kit

ADVANCE yeast was selected for its ability to enhance the typical notes of the grapes without altering the perfumes and aromas and can ferment even at high temperatures. The active nutrient is made up of 45% of yeast rinds and in a small part from bibasic ammonium, while the SUPER enzyme is a novelty for small producers who are not inclined to innovation. In fact the insertion in the kit of the enzyme adjuvant was a gamble won bet by BIOTEC after the extraordinary feedback reported by the smaller market. The use of the enzyme SUPER during the fermentation phase improves color extraction, optimizes clarification and helps to release the aromatic substances from the skins. In short, a complete kit for small quality winemakers.