Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

Baking Enzymes

The bakery division of BIOTEC, has been operating for several years, with the aim of providing winning formulas to operators in the sector and to replace the chemical additives used today in food.  Biotec Bakery was among the first to have launched the slogan "clean label" for breads and bakery products. It was also among the first to have introduced adjuvant enzymes and natural fibers into the processing procedure, thus creating genuineness, quality and savings.
The particular competence of the technological staff, allows  BIOTEC products to undergo a continuous evolution when offering the best ingredients to its customers.
The introduction of PAN MIX had a significant impact on the market. This enzyme adjuvant with amylase activity, already naturally present in flours, is offered in handy 20g packets for hygienic and food safety reasons. The enzymes offered by BIOTEC have the characteristic of being non-pathogenic microorganisms and non-toxic, and are able to guarantee high quality breads, uniform leavening and longer freshness. The presence of an intact starch chain, inside the bread, generates a great quantity of work, at the digestive level, to our organism. Here the alpha and beta amylases intervene, enzymes having the ability to break the chain and therefore make the bread much more digestible.
BIOTEC Bakery, carries out its activity exactly in this direction, to solve the problems that can affect our daily food. But BIOTEC has introduced enzyme mixes and natural adjuvants to bakery products to help the producer and improve the consumers’ health, by totally eliminating chemical additives. Field experimentation and introduction on the market of SUPER PAN, has allowed the operators of croissants, white breads, etc., to lengthen the conservation time of the packaged products and return all the Freshness and softness that only a product right out of the oven can have! SUPERPAN is prepared without the addition of emulsifiers. BIOTEC Bakery is a safe way for the manufacturer to put aside his processing problems, to reach  the most suitable solutions and technical assistance and for the creation of ad hoc products in relation to the needs of the customers.