Biotecnologie per Bevande e Alimenti

PVC capsules

Recently BIOTEC has acquired the ownership of a leading manufacturer of PVC shrink capsules. These capsules have been produced for over  30 years, for use in wines, oils, liqueurs and beverages in general. With this acquisition BIOTEC, thanks also to the enzyme adjuvants for beverages and food, is present on the  market as a leader company in the agro-alimentary products sector.

The BIOTEC Division System produces capsules of different colors, personalized in the head and belly of the capsule, with hot or flexo print, with tear off or hatching tab. They are also produced in different sizes, both in diameter and length.
Standard colors are enclosed within a color-band with matching codes, to provide customers with a guarantee of homogeneity over time in the shade of the product purchased. The production plant, located on the border between Calabria and Basilicata, is equipped with technologically advanced machinery with a production capacity of 8000 PZ/h.

BIOTEC also supplies various distributors of PVC capsules, even in packets of 100 PCs in boxes of 10,000 with a  31 diameter  and in boxes of 8500 for those with a 34 diameter. The materials used for the production of the capsules strictly  comply with Community and Member State regulations and the materials are classified as non-hazardous.

Our range also includes capsules in Polylaminate produced in partnership with the sector’s leading company, and is available from diameter 28 up to diameter 32.6 with hot stamping at the head and side. The BIOTEC division is constantly evolving and expanding its machinery inventory, thanks to the considerable demands of shrink capsules, also coming from foreign markets.